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With over 1530+ stores and more than 75 international brands to boast about and racing to 2000 stores by the end of 2020, the Apparel Group, under the patriarch of the Mr.Nilesh Ved, had a rather modest start. Commencing its operation with just one brand in 1999, Mr. Nilesh Ved was just rearing to gather momentum in the Retail industry. Setting a strong foothold in the Gulf, the Apparel Group has crossed the regional boundaries and embarked in the Global market.

In 1999, Mr.Nilesh Ved, now one of the leading Fashion Retailers in this part of the world, initiated his successful journey with 3 stores of Ninewest a U.S. brand with its first exclusive store in Lamcy Plaza. The success brought by the launch of a few stores allowed a clear understanding of the retail market apparent in the Gulf, thus allowing Mr. Ved to concentrate on his business strategy of further introducing new labels and expanding his reach to the consumer. Mr.Ved belongs to a family of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. His family runs the largest gold bullion trading in Dubai since 1904. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the prestigious Boston University.

Since his early days, Mr. Ved was highly influenced by the North American retail environment and had a dream to bring in trendy fashion brands of the West to the Middle East, which seemed to be a promising market for retail.

He is known for his pace of work and high leadership skills with which he drives everyone towards the organizational goals.

About Sima Ved

Sima Ganwani Ved belongs to a unique visionary elite; originally Indian and brought up in Dubai, she spent her former years in awe of her retail tycoon father – Mr. Lal Ganwani, owner of Lal’s Group.

Once Sima graduated from King’s College London with a BSC in Business Management, she decided to emulate her father and join the family business. She spent her early days working at Lamcy Plaza which gave her the sales experience and confidence to start her own business with her husband Nilesh Ved.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with husband Nilesh, Sima Ved has single-handedly shattered any stereotype. She is the Vice Chairperson of Apparel Group and CEO of Montreal Trading LLC.

Even as Sima continues to be a formidable presence in the boardroom, she has pursued her many passions with zest, be it carving a career for herself as a journalist, or pursuing her love for acting and even hosting her own tv chat show.

An ardent believer in giving back, Sima has always taken an active role in working towards the betterment of the community. She turned to voluntary work for several years with the Children’s Hope Foundation (CHF) as well as many other endeavours in order to pursue her personal mission of empowering women and children.

Sima’s work & family are the two things closest to her; any time away from work is spent with family – with her husband Nilesh, daughters Selina & Sarisha and son Nayaan. Her can-do and will do attitude to life – is definitely a testament to her success!

Sima Ved
Vice Chairperson
Apparel Group