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Apparel Group believes in being a good corporate citizen by partnering with the government and the local community in various initiatives to groom and develop the UAE Nationals, who in turn can become a part of Apparel family and will be able to reach good positions in our various Business Functions. Across UAE, Apparel has demonstrated a clear commitment towards the local community by coming up with good amount of job opportunities for local Emirati talent. This being one of our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, we will continue to work towards our drive of Emiratisation by making the UAE National workforce as part of our growing Human Capital. This initiative is not limited to UAE but farfetched and covers all the GCC countries in which the Company is operating

In 2006, Apparel Group launched an Emiratisation initiative “AHLAN EMIRATI”. We believe that Emiratisation is one of the key components of our business.

Our Emiratisation Mission is “Continuous improvement of all our UAE National Employees by providing ongoing development and training, mentoring, coaching, guidance etc ”

At Apparel the Leadership Team is keen to strengthen the goal of providing good amount of employment opportunities for talented and potential UAE National workforce. Apparel Leadership is determined to identify and develop the skills and capabilities of deserving UAE Nationals in ongoing basis. This is a clear indication of commitment of Apparel Group in development of UAE Nationals, thereby supporting the country’s Emiratisation drive. Now we have cultivated many Sales Managers from ordinary sales position. Most of them have been through a long term training program and still look forward.