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Apparel Group Leads By Example

In view of the global pandemic and its sudden impact, we at Apparel Group are taking every measure to ensure health and safety for everyone associated with us, be it customers or employees.  In adherence to the recent health care measures we have temporarily closed our stores as per the guidelines of local governments across the GCC. We have deep cleaned our offices, while employees have been asked to work from home to maintain social distancing.

Well being of our community is of utmost importance to us and we are positive we will sail through this together. We choose not focus on what we can’t control, but what we can do : which is navigate through the tough times with a positive outlook and a human touch in our approach. We have initiated a digital campaign to spread the message of social distancing in which you will see the letters of CA logo split up and create distance between each other. This visually shows the need to maintain distance at this hour. We are promoting this message through Club Apparel Facebook and Instagram pages. We take our stand as a responsible retailer in doing this for the welfare of our community and in support of the GCC government guidelines that we all need to adhere to strictly at this time.

We urge you to share the message across all your digital platforms to reach a larger audience.

Please share the message, we are all #inthistogether