CHARLES & KEITH SPRING/SUMMER 2017 explores creative processes and the way it motivates advancements and pushes our endeavours. Directed by Glen Luchford and choreographed by Stephen Galloway, the campaign follows Ally Ertel and Peyton Knight as they progress from strangers to muse. The vivid film sees them through the exploration of oneself, and realization that you don’t have to be so serious because art can express what words cannot.

Drawing inspirations from the charm of an artist’s studio, the evolution of art movements and the transcendence of a work-in-progress, the issue sneaks a peek into the spaces where thinkers create.

The collection emphasizes on details, elements and textures creating an open-ended visual narrative. Distinctive characters range from laidback to vibrant and colorfulness of one’s personality that inspires an unexpected contrast from off-duty to statement-makers carrying metal detail aesthetics.

Conventional soft and wistful pastel hues appears to be bolder, featuring a collection extending from slip-ons, ankle strap flats and pastellic studded bag that present a new take on femininity that is both sturdy and winsome.

Creativity is being personified in exuberant pop of colours, textures and elements such as chains and snap hooks, colourful, handmade tassels, macramé details, embroidery and leather whip stitch details which are found on mules, open-toe stilettos heels and peep-toe booties.

In line with theme of lines and creations, the campaign collection also features a capsule collection of coloured fringe accessories in a mini-crossbody, tassled earring and bracelet, which will be launched exclusively on

Costume jewellery are set in simple sleek shapes and set with mismatched marble.



Helmed by photographer Nhu Xuan Hua, the opening spread “NOT ALL THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST” reveals how creativity manifests in unexplainable ways, and only those who seek undyingly shall find the exceptional. Constructions are reworked with an additional touch of design, giving new interpretation on the classics, proving that monochrome is eternal.

Staples are reinvented with fluid textures altering perceptions and proportions. Elaborate statement makers dress loafers, pumps and heels into elaborated statement makers.

The collection expresses creativity with unexpected elements meticulously integrated into designs, offering distinctive design treatments which mark the essence of the collection, ranging from pom-pom heels, floral beaded footwear, lace-up pointed heels and embroidery bags.

Exquisite floral embroideries in multi coloured beadings and fabric adds a feminine touch to the collection. Basic loafers are transformed through the inclusion of glitter and box clutches are enhanced with the application of embroidery.



Shot by Tania Alineri and art directed by Clifford Loh, managing editor of Vulture Magazine, ‘WE ARE ALL A WORK-IN-PROGRESS” sees the workspace as a locus and source of creativity that feeds the needs of its inhabitants. It explores how we never really finish anything, as there can always be more creative betterment in all our pursuits if we wanted to.

In an easy palette of black, white and grey, slingback sandals, slip-ons are explored in thoughtful reduction of details, suitable for a wide vary of expeditions. Semi-precious stones set in various colours and shapes are used to further enhance visualization and neat layering design in construction grant unique characteristics to the overall arrangement, fully embracing the simplicity work of art at its best.

Costume jewellery are kept in pure and pretenseless designs, ensuring ultimation in ease.