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Club Apparel is a cardless, mobile app based loyalty program of Apparel Group which comprises of more than 75+ Brands and 1900+ stores across the GCC. Club Apparel gives you the ability to purchase goods on your accumulated points at any Apparel Group participating stores across the GCC.

Club Apparel has recently introduced a three tier membership, which takes rewarding customers to a whole new level. Starting with Silver and progressing through Gold and then Black being the most exclusive tier. Each new tier brings special attention to preferences and invites benefits that increase in value. For more details on the Club Apparel tier benefits click here.

To become a Club Apparel member, the requirement is for the customer to simply have a mobile phone. Club Apparel members are entitled to earn reward points on every purchase made from any Apparel Group participating stores in the GCC.

To be rewarded, the mobile number registered with Club Apparel should be presented by the member at the point of purchase. Points are valid for one year from the date of purchase and a member can redeem the points at any time before a period of one year. For more details, please visit