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CSR Policy

Philosophy – Make People Grow

Apparel Group strongly believes to make people grow all along its growth trajectory. This is possible with continuing commitment by the company to behave ethically and contribute economically, improve the quality of life of the workforce, their families, local community and above all the society at large, while protecting the environment.

Preamble Educate, Engage and Enable

Educate:Educate people (Internal and external stakeholders) and create awareness on various key social issues through knowledge sharing and communication. (Prosperity)

Engage:Engage people in various social activities and encourage them to take productive and responsible actions towards society. (People)

Enable:Enable people by providing empowering and healthy environment to be independent and support community around us. (Planet)


Our CSR Policy is committed to enhance “SPEED”

S-Service – To adopt a corporate strategy that empowers us to serve needs of the society around us besides providing the best in industry service to the customers and to create a mutually benefiting environment through collective endeavor of company, employees customers and community.

P-Productivity – To support and incorporate development initiatives /CSR projects an integral part of our business and make them result oriented. To encourage the development of human resource through provision for Education, Training and Skill Development to empower them and be productive.

E-Efficiency – To have partnership with various institutions/stakeholders for CSR programmes implementation and to assess and measure the effectiveness of the projects against the performance indicators and the targets set.

E-Effectiveness – To implement social initiatives in our areas of operations to ensure maximum efficiency through close monitoring and achieving benchmarks set for Triple Bottom Line

D-Dedication/Commitment – To dedicate and commit our CSR initiatives towards national agenda on sustainable development and growth through adoption of best practices across all our Brands , supply chains, distribution channels, vendors and suppliers and community development programmes.To encourage and motivate our employees to fully embrace the CSR programmes, champion social causes and support the company in its responsibility and accountability to the community in which it operates.

We Believe – Right First Time, Every Time